Federal Emissions – Some of our vehicles do not meet emissions standards for all 50 states. These vehicles are clearly announced. It is the purchasing dealer’s responsibility to confirm that any vehicle purchased from a AFS auction meets the specific emissions requirements of the state in which the dealer intends to sell and register the vehicle.

Company Car Sales – Current AFS policy is to limit the sales of current model year company cars to U.S. Volkswagen and Audi franchise dealers only. All AFS Company Cars are announced, so please bid accordingly.

Financing Info – Audi franchise dealers should be sure to read their bulletins or check with their field representatives regarding current wholesale and retail financing programs.

Buy With Confidence! If you feel that the AFS vehicle you’ve purchased at auction is not consistent with the way it was announced, please contact our Arbitration Department at 888-216-3375. We will do our very best to resolve the issue in a timely manner.